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Crystal Infused Herbal Remedies. My intension is to plant the seeds of health, awakening and gratitude through plant medicines.

Spread knowledge of how to create a new paradigm of living in harmony and oneness with each other and the planet.


Herb Girl

Ancient Alchemy Red Raspberry


Alchemy-"A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination."

Ancient Alchemy is medicine of the soul. It is made with the New and Full Moon in sacred space. I create this medicine with the deepest reverence and respect for the plants, and elements, honoring the cycles of nature. All medicine is blessed within this space as I call forth the spirit of the plants we are working with, we commune with these spirits and impart intention within them. This intention is in alignment with the current astrological energies at the time of the medicine making. This "alchemizes" the medicine making  it a living consciousness imbued with spirit of the plants, crystals  the moon as well as the entire cosmos. I ask that you use this medicine with the same reverence with which it is created. Once you experience medicine that is alive with energy, love, and all of creation you will feel it in every cell for it awakens ancient knowledge within you. Tune in at this  magical moment in time for what is awakening within you is the ancient knowledge of the stars, the planets, Mother Earth and all it's beings. The great web of consciousness resides within our sacred hearts. Allow yourself to open and receive it's Medicine. To honor the ceremony of these creations they are made in very small batches. Once they are sold each batch will be unique as the energies are constantly shifting. The plants themselves have seasons so what is made in Summer will differ from what is needed and in alignment in the Winter. 

Ancient Alchemy Red Raspberry

red raspberry.jpg
red raspberry.jpg

Ancient Alchemy Red Raspberry


Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus

Element: Water


Red Raspberry is a love inducing food and the leaves are wonderful for pregnant women to alleviate the pains of pregnancy and childbirth. Also used for Love and Protection.


Raspberry magic is the magic of patience in fertility. First year canes do not produce fruit but are essential to the fertility of the plant, establishing her root system and filling her canes with the strength and energy she'll need. After the cane has weathered a year, she's ready to bloom and fruit. Raspberry reminds us that maturity and proper conditioning are essential to abundant and healthy reproduction. 

 Raspberry councils us to be patient and intentional when beginning any creative endeavor.

Raspberry's thorny canes remind us, too, to be protective of the fruits of our labors. If we truly want to share our work, we would be wise to be picky about who will carry it into the world. 

Raspberry offers us an opportunity to remember to be gentle with ourselves and one another, to be loving and patient as we work our own magic in the world. It is only with care and a gentle touch that Raspberry yields her fruits. Even the magic of her leaf requires careful, patient treatment; you must wait for the leaf to dry fully before attempting to use it as medicine or food because if you do not you're likely to end up with an upset stomach. Raspberry invites us to slow down and savor all that must occur before we bear the fruits of our lives.

This mystical medicine offers us much healing in the physical realms as well. She is a powerful alley.

 The leaves offer several medicinal benefits but its main use is during pregnancy and childbirth. It is high in vitamins B and C as well as the minerals magnesium, potassium and iron. If is known to increase fertility in both men and women.  It helps in lessening a heavy period and menstruation pain.  During pregnancy, it aids in the prevention of morning sickness.   It also contains the alkaloid fragrine which tones the uterus and pelvic muscles which are known by some to lead to shorter and easier labour if taken regularly throughout pregnancy and during labour.  Drinking after childbirth is said to aid in milk production and helps in the prevention of post-partum depression.

Aside from fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, raspberry leaf is a great help in strengthening the adrenal glands and dealing with hypertension making this a key benefit to menopausal women and anyone going through a stressful time in their life.

Because of its high concentration of vitamin C, this is also a great tea to drink during colds, flu and other illnesses. Raspberry leaf is also anti-inflammatory and is often used as a mouth wash for mouth ulcers and throat infections.   It is also soothing for stomach ailments and an aid against diarrhoea.

Truly a beautiful alley for our physical and spiritual alignment.



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