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Crystal Infused Herbal Remedies. My intension is to plant the seeds of health, awakening and gratitude through plant medicines.

Spread knowledge of how to create a new paradigm of living in harmony and oneness with each other and the planet.


Herb Girl


Welcome to Love Herb Girl!

"The tree of life is rooted within me."

We create a revolutionary way to look at health and our connection to nature.

Through plants, crystals + rituals + ceremony, we remember how truly powerful we are.

 Herb Girl Remedies use diverse systems of medicinal plant knowledge from around the world to transform the physical and mental bodies expanding consciousness. These remedies plant the seeds of health, awakening and gratitude within the spirit of all who take them with intention to create a new vision of oneness and unity with each other and for the future of our Planet.

The formulas are hand crafted in small batches with intention, love and care.  We utilize the ancient power of herbs and crystals for their ability to hold vast amounts of energy and knowledge form their time on this Earth. All crystals and herbal elixirs are blessed with love, healing, abundance and transformation to increase their vibration and healing abilities. This sacred ceremony ensures that each batch is made with mindfulness and deep respect for the gifts the Earth supplies us with.

We recommend these remedies be taken with presence in ceremonial way to allow for deeply rooted healing to take place. Through ceremony, we are reunited with our true self, our deep inner-knowing, the planet and each other. When used intentionally, a shift takes place that transforms the physical body as well as the world around you.

It is our honor to support you and your awakening with HerbGirl Herbal Remedies.


Awaken Immunity


Awaken Immunity


Supporting our immune response is imperative to sustain health . A super charged blend of herbs that support cellular health and gentle detoxification of the liver and blood, this blend also supports adrenal and lung function. Infused with an A Rose Quartz Crystal, a powerful healer that gives a person a wonderful sense of health and healing. Rose Quartz balances the emotions, clears the mind and releases negative emotions.

Reishi- Reishi- This "Mushroom of Immortality" is a miraculous substance that brings the body back into balance. Whatever the imbalance, reishi helps the body maintain its defense against these threats to its equilibrium, helping the body to maintain balance.

Chaga- Anti-oxidant, protects against oxidative stress, anti-aging. Contains ergosterol which decreases inflammation. Chaga supports a healthy digestive system, excellent for skin it improves the firmness and elasticity and helps many skin conditions such as rashes, psoriasis, eczema. Chaka also alleviates stress and supports liver health.

Astragalus- A great immune boosting tonic used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Astragalus is an Adaptogen that is a tonic for the lungs, heart and liver. Wonderful taken long term this root strengthens digestion, increases energy and brainpower. Active ingredients called Astragalosides are being studied for their ability to maintain telomeres (strands on the ends of DNA that shorten as we age) Famous for being able to shorten the duration of a cold it is now being studied as adjunctive therapy for various types of cancer and hepatitis.

Cordyceps- A virtual powerhouse Cordyceps is excellent to improve respiratory health, increase oxygen uptake, boost heart health, detoxify the body, replenish the adrenals, slow the aging process, increases energy, and improves the immune system.

Used for thousands of years for physical and spiritual well-being, these herbs enhance the body’s ability to neutralize and expel toxins we are regularly exposed to in our environment and food. This long term formula should be taken daily to create supercharged immunity.

Ingredients: Organic Reishi, Organic Cordyceps, Organic Astragalus, Organic Chaga

Directions: Add 1/2- 1 Teaspoon to any liquid or smoothie daily.

*Product contains a Crystal programmed for Love, Healing, Gratitude and Abundance. Use it for meditation and healing. DO NOT INGEST CRYSTAL! The healing powers of the crystal is infused in  the herbs.


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The Herbs in this formula are some of the most potent Tonic herbs in world. I personally take this formula daily to maintain cellular health and physical wellness. 

Reishi- Reishi is the Perfect Immune modulating, strengthen, and building fungus. It contains a wide array of active ingredients one of which is excellent for modulating the immune response to allergens. Ganoderic Acid inhibits histamine release, increases oxygen utilization and supports healthy functioning of the liver. From a spiritual standpoint Reishi is known as the mushroom of "immortality" and opens our heart, connecting us to our spirit or "higher consciousness". Here is a quote that beautifully sums it up.

Reishi lightens the body and promotes longevity. Taken long term, it will make you feel like you are flying, so you are able to ascend to heaven. This ascension occurs on the level of the mind… there will be an arousal of sensuality, an orgasm of the brain.

          Jeffrey Yuen, 88th generation Taoist priest, lecture, 2009

Cordyceps- This elite herb is used for energy and physical strength. This is due to it's ability to produce ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) your cells energy source. It supports the adrenals and the lungs making it an excellent herb for the immune system. Cordyceps increases sexual stamina and has long been prized for it's anti-aging and longevity qualities.

Chaga- contains an array of nutrients including B vitamins and SOD one of the strongest antioxidants produced by our bodies to slow the aging process. Chaga alleviates stress and regulates energy. A wonderful herb for healthy skin it is highly effective for Anti-aging.

Astragalus- Astragalus is an Adaptogen meaning that helps protect the body from physical, emotional or mental stress. Used for centuries and an immune tonic for colds or flu's Astragalus benefits the lungs, supports digestive processes and excellent for increasing energy levels.