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Crystal Infused Herbal Remedies. My intension is to plant the seeds of health, awakening and gratitude through plant medicines.

Spread knowledge of how to create a new paradigm of living in harmony and oneness with each other and the planet.


Herb Girl



"We Must Listen to our Physical Body because it is the body that will speak to us of imbalance in out lives. Taking an aspirin to alleviate physical pain is not listening to the body. The pain was created by something that was not harmonious to us and those imbalances manifested as pain. Merely relieving the pain is not taking care of what is causing the imbalance in the first place."

Western Medicine is guided by a mindset to get rid of pain and discomfort at any cost. This is not health. The relief of temporary pain is NOT healing and often does more damage to the holistic body. As imbalance is ignored, your body will continually “get your attention” in more dramatic ways, creating an increase in pain, Disharmony and DISease.

It is important to realize by the time your physical body is in pain or discomfort some imbalance has been present in the etheric or astral bodies. When there is energetic misaligned frequencies in our fields that is not cleared at that level it will descend into the physical body.

Acupuncture meridans are the pathways of communication between the dense physical and the finer etheric, astral, mental and spiritual planes. It is the etheric body that permeates the physical body and it is where the meridans exist. The acupuncture points run along these meridans they are the gateways between the physical and all of the higher frequency bodies.

It is through the Acupuncture points that we communicate with the physical body and release the areas where the QI (energy) is getting "stuck". As we evolve in our understanding of imbalances within our energy field, we must expand and evolve in our knowledge of how to harmonize these imbalances. The premise of Awakening Acupuncture is to make you aware of other levels of healing and to initiate a "Higher Frequency Healing" in the person receiving the Acupuncture.

In this way the chakra's and Qi are balanced and a harmonious connection with the higher spirituals realms is achieved. When we consciously connect to these higher energy fields we begin to view our imbalances in a new light.  Through strengthening and and unifying these energetic bodies and becoming conscious of this process you step into alignment and the Heart center will open. This automatically initiates the frequency of love to expand throughout your energy field to assist your healing process on all levels.

Ancient Acupuncture practices are profound in their ability to expand your consciousness.  My emphasis for journeys is on correction of energetic imbalances. 

 This combination is a unique treatment I call Divine Alignment. It starts with your intention which can be physical, emotional or spiritual. I feel into your energy field and see what acupuncture points would best facilitate an energetic opening. We then begin with the energy work, I'm  the conduit the energy flows through once we've opened sacred space. I allow sprit to guide the process and many times you will be taken on a journey within showing you the energetic frequencies needed to bring your intention into this reality. ALL shifts whether physical, mental or spiritual happen first in the energetic fields. During this journey I call in the plant spirit that wants to align with you to support you in your intention. (This herb you will take for the next 30 days and get to know it intimately) We finishing with some sound tuning to solidify the work being done in many realms. Most people feel very light and peaceful after a treatment and within 24 hrs will often have revelations of steps to be taken in the physical world. The herb that has chosen to align with you will support you in this journey. I also make many herbal medicines with the full and new moon to support the energy of what is happening at that time. It is small batches so once the medicine for that moon is sold the next one will be different. I call in the spirit of the plant to the medicine and connect to it blessing the medicine and the plant for the magic it bestows upon us.

Additionally if called I will use tuning forks they open the energy channels and generate strong vibrations.  It is a wonderful feeling and most people resonate strongly with sound it imparts an immediate sense of peace and calmness. This improves the flow of your energy, balances your nervous system and opens you up to a higher spiritual awareness.

divine alignment

1.5 Hour Session-$166

2 Hour Session- $199

Package of 5 Sessions -$555


Meet Your Plant Alley Herbal Journey's $55 (plus cost of herb formula TBD )

30 Minutes

Need help finding the right combination of herbs? I provide one on one phone consults and can customize a perfect blend for you to achieve your goals whether spiritual, emotional or physical. I will prepare your herbs in a sacred ceremony  in the etheric realms introduce the spirt of the plant your calling in with your divine higher self creating a relationship in spirit before meeting each other in the physical plane. When this happens you will find when you begin to commune with it physically there is a familiarity, and inner knowing and a reunion of spirit. It is a truly magical connection. The plant will gift you with much knowledge and remembrance if you take it in with reverence and respect. You will connect in a sacred way... far beyond your anything you've ever experienced with Herbs/ Plants before. 


Heart centered Life coaching ($125/Hr packages available)

The process of "waking up "can be fraught with confusion. It is often scary, and painful as your life begins  to change in ways you don't understand. The world you thought you knew is shattered. You may not feel physically well, you may be emotionally drained and you may become depressed not knowing what is happening to you.  When these shifts occur (they are a good thing!) life can be uncomfortable to say the least and the people who once loved and supported may becoming distant and judge the changes that are in you. What I do is help guide you through the transition from asleep to a wide awake with the ability to see the magnificent spiritual being you are! I Support you through these changes and give you the tools to navigate the path of your soul. This is what you came here to do! Once you are awake you can no longer sleepwalk through your life. You will see this world as it truly is. The veil has been lifted! A world of love, peace, gratitude and abundance beyond your wildest dreams! As you begin to do the work of your life’s purpose here I will assist you as long as you feel you need. There is no set time frame as everyone evolves at their own pace. You will learn how to connect to YOUR inner wisdom and once you do your intuition will always guide you in the right direction for your soul’s path. 


Shamanic Reiki ($125 1 hr)


Everything is energy! I love doing Reiki because it feels SO GOOD! Reiki allows me to “see/feel” what is going on in your energetic body and where you are holding blockages. During a Reiki session I re-balance your Chakras infusing them with pure source energy. Reiki is the Japanese system of hands on healing. When you become a Reiki practitioner you are attuned by a Reiki master. The Reiki master opens the crown chakra and an attunement is given to the practitioner so the person's energy channels are opened and cleared of obstructions. A Reiki attunement connects the receiver in an increased way to the limitless source of universal energy. The practitioner becomes a channel for this energy. This process is much like plugging in a lamp into an electrical socket; when the healer puts her hands down with the intent to heal, she has turned on the light. During a Reiki session a person may feel warmth, tingling, there may be emotional releases as well as any sensation of pain or discomfort may disappear, a deep relaxation is often felt. After the session you may be relaxed, sleepy, or energized. You may feel as if a shift has occurred within. After a treatment it is recommended you just relax, or meditate or sleep if needed.

The premise of any energy work is to magnify the loving energy which is present in us all. We are born into this life from pure source energy it is contained within our being at a core level. Throughout life this becomes clouded, fogged and depleted as we move further away from the essence of who we truly are, playing a role which is not our authentic self. This severs our connection to our higher self and the energy mis-aligns. 

We are all powerful energetic beings n our own right and it is my job to remind you of this and pull forth that part of your field that is love and light. As I hold space for your universal love and light the energy works it's magic wherever your soul needs it most. I am merely the energetic conduit that plugs you in to your higher dimensional frequencies.